Music: a powerful communicator

Music is a world of sound, of sound diversity and sound phenomena, but it is much more: it brings people together, it can make things move ... Great men as Franz Schubert, Guido Gezelle and Einstein were aware of this.

Music might well be the oldest art. While playing the violin, Einstein cried out: "Music exists since man breaths!". Everyone experiences music, if only through their own voice.

In times of great revelations, but also desintegration, music is a powerful communicator : I wish to discover with you beautiful and true moments in the exciting world of sound.

Sylvia Traey


Listen to excerpts from Sylvia Traey's recordings:

J. Brahms
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J.S. Bach
Goldberg Aria
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E. Satie
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F. Chopin
Nocturne opus 27 nr. 2
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Portrait A concert for readers of De Standaard An afternoon with children
The Queen Elisabeth Competition, 1978 Portrait

Sylvia and Anton van Wilderode after a concert in a home for the elderly


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